Lights on for Love146.

This video is a huge part of the reason I volunteer for Love146. It’s a wonderful explanation of the aftercare Love146 provides and, though I’m a little biased, I think it’s beautifully animated. :)

Love146 is an organization that fights child sex trafficking and exploitation through various programs both here in the United States and abroad. Their goal is to eliminate this evil entirely….nothing more, nothing less. Complete abolishment is not considered an unattainable goal that is only being aimed at. It’s the only acceptable solution to this problem and is fought for with a sense of hope, which is why I love this organization so much. They don’t focus on the fact that the children being sold into brothels or trafficked along the highways here in the US, or any of the other ways that children are currently being sexually exploited, are victims. Instead, they focus on the hope that the future could bring to these survivors if only people would stand up and fight for them, as well as the hope that this doesn’t have to keep happening.

One of the ways they grow that hope is to provide a safehome (or, as they call it, a roundhome) for the girls who have been taken out of trafficking situations (primarily brothels). This is my very favorite aspect of what Love146 provides as, in my mind, it’s such a beautiful place of healing and safety and comfort and, as Dr. Gundelina Velazco says in the video, love. And that is what these girls need most.

Love146 is currently trying to raise funds to, literally, keep the lights and power on in the safe home by purchasing a generator that can be used when storms hit the Philippines. It’s a very worthy cause and if you’re looking for a place to donate your money this holiday season, please consider donating through my fundraising page! They are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law!

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