So They Flew On and On

Who knew how apropos “Make Way for Ducklings” could be in today’s society?

If you’re looking to sell your house, I’d recommend transporting it to Denver where you can expect it to be on the market for all of two seconds before it’s snatched up. Seriously. For sellers, this is great news but for buyers, especially slow-poke buyers like E and myself, this is really bad news.

In the three weeks since we started seriously looking for houses, we’ve seen three that we liked. The first one (a cute little mountain home with an absolutely gorgeous, huge kitchen) was listed on a Saturday. We saw it that same day and asked our realtor to schedule a showing on Sunday. She got us in for Monday afternoon, but by Monday morning, it was under contract. The second house (a colonial-style on .35 acres which is a HUGE lot for these parts) had been up for two weeks when they decided to lower the price. We saw it when the price was lowered, asked our realtor to schedule a showing that same day, but found out it was already under contract… the six hours since the price had been reduced. The third house (a 1960s two-level with some amazing updates), which we actually got to SEE yesterday has been for sale since January and the sellers are asking way too much for it. We didn’t end up liking it anyway.

Allow me to go extreme dork on you all and compare it to resource nodes in MMOs (if your eyes are glazing over at this point, just skip to the next paragraph). It’s like sitting in one spot, waiting for some boss to spawn so you can harvest whatever insanely valuable item the thing drops, only to have someone else tag it before you get a chance.

It’s incredibly frustrating on many levels. The main one is that we missed out on a few houses that I really, really liked. We didn’t even get to see them. It’s also difficult for E and I to make decisions like buying a house (you know…not a big deal at all) in a split second. We like to mull things over. Swallow the idea and digest for a while. Swirl it around and examine its bouquet. Things like that. But no. If you find a house that’s even kind of sort of what you’re looking for, you must buy it RIGHTNOW.

We’re also incredibly picky. I actually wouldn’t mind foxes in the woods (the mountain house actually had pictures of the fox family that lived near the house in the real estate listing – aw) or turtles in the water (waterfront property? yes please!), but we have specific criteria that we’ve been adhering to in our searches which also make our searches turn up very little. The houses that stay on the market long enough for us to see them are the ones that realtors might call “quaint,” or, in other words, kind of weird. Like the one with a complete house facade, with picket fence and electric lights, on one of the kitchen walls. Or the one that was in the 1976 Denver parade of homes and hasn’t been updated since. Or the completely remodeled, 1,076 square foot ranch (smaller than our current condo) with sellers asking for $314,000. Gems like that.

So that’s where we are. Compounding this is the fact that C absolutely, 100%, completely, and totally HATES the car. We took a drive to Boulder (about 45 minutes away) when she was four weeks old and it was fine. Another three weeks and that same drive was nothing but a baby screaming (to the point of choking) nearly the entire time. We decided to go to an open house this last weekend, just after her eight-week birthday, that was only about fifteen minutes away. Nope. Not doing it. So maybe it’s good that we can’t manage to schedule any showings because I wouldn’t be able to go anyway!

(Sidenote: I’m wearing her right now and she’s got her head tilted back with her eyes closed and her little lips are making nursing motions in her sleep. So precious. :))

Someday we’ll move. Maybe when the kids are 18…..


  1. Katie says

    I saw your post on FB and meant to tell you that my boyfriend’s been househunting for over a year now, going to see houses with his realtor several times a week (two today, even!). He’s put serious offers on three different houses so far, and done pre-inspections on a handful more. They always go to someone bidding more money, all in cash (WHO DOES THAT). We feel you :) To be fair, he’s also super picky (cheap, big, fenced yard for the dog, multiple bathrooms, good boat/vehicular toys parking, good school district, high enough basement ceilings for someone 6’5″, oh and cheap, in case you missed that part, in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country). But no car-hating baby, so there’s that! Just a very exhausted and annoyed realtor (who actually just had a baby herself in December, she was showing us a house the day before she went into labor!).

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