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The visual share this week (click through to see it for those reading via mobile, RSS, or email) is a trailer for the upcoming movie Cloud Atlas and looks amazing (and is the first movie I’ve really started to look forward to in a long time). Of course, using M83’s epic song, Outro, doesn’t hurt either. I’d watch the video just to hear that. :)
Here are links around the internets that caught my eye this week for your leisurely weekend.
  • Why I love sleeping with my toddler – I think I have to pretty much agree with everything she says here. When I first started looking at Montessori, I did wonder how it would fit into our style of parenting as, in some respects, it seemed a little cold and detached. But then I found this quote from Maria Montessori: “Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.” I love this.
  • The Stuff of Families“The more objects attached to the front of a family’s refrigerator, the more objects per square foot in the house overall. “ That’s kind of interesting….as we’ve been decluttering, our fridge door has definitely been less covered (though the side of it has quite a bit on it still…I wonder what that says about us). And when I think about people I know, this theory definitely fits.
  • The Best Of The Internet’s Reaction To The Mars Rover Landing – We stayed up to watch Curiosity land (well…E got to see it…I had to go in to put a little boy back to sleep just before it hit Mars) and it’s been interesting to see the reactions on the internets. My favorite is probably #7. :)
  • Cooperative art. – I love this whole idea! A homeschooling collaborative mosaic with the theme of stone soup. Fitting on so many levels. :)
  • Is starch a beneficial nutrient or a toxin? – Another one from Chris Kesser. Makes me a little more comfortable in my stance of not getting rid of potatoes completely.

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