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John Singleton Copley Picture Study Aid and Art Prints

This 25-page John Singleton Copley Picture Study Aid PDF includes a brief summary of the childhood of American, Neo-classical and Romantic painter, John Singleton Copley (1738-1815), a synopsis of six of his works, printable or professionally-printed versions of the pieces covered, and a brief discussion about Charlotte Mason’s ideas and methods for implementing picture study at different ages.

John Singleton Copley in America

by Carrie Rebora

I used quite a few different books and online resources while I was researching this picture study aid, but I think the best volume I can recommend is this one (also available for free on Google books!). It’s a beautiful book that includes all of his early paintings in large format.

A Revolution in Color: The World of John Singleton Copley

By Jane Kamensky

If you are looking for a biography, this one is extremely thorough and well-researched.


by Elizabeth Ripley

A biography “with drawings and paintings by the artist.” This was originally published in 1967 and was part of a series of art biographies written by Elizabeth Ripley. It may be difficult to get, but I was able to find a copy through interlibrary loan, and it is also available on Amazon and eBay. Ages 12-16.

Boston Bells

By Elizabeth Coatsworth

An account of a few days in the childhood of Copley when he first began painting. This is entirely fictional, but the author did use references from Copley’s writings about his childhood. It also includes references to the Boston Knowles Riot of 1747. This can be hard to find but if your local library has it, it’s a fun, immersive little read. It’s also available on Internet Archive. I have not been able to find recommended ages for this book, but I would put it in the 9-12 years range.