Pieter Bruegel the Elder Living Art Books

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By Wolfgang Stechow

This is a good resource for an overview of his works and contains beautiful, large, color reproductions of his paintings. This version is a reprint from an earlier version published in 1970 that is also good.

The Fantastic Journey of Pieter Bruegel

By Anders Shafer

This book offers imagined journal entries of Bruegel’s trip to and from Italy in the 1550s. You will want to pre-read as this may have objectionable content (some violence and questionable religious content). Ages 8-12.

The People in the Paintings: The Art of Bruegel

By Haneul Ddang

This is a fun book that offers a closer look at the many activities in Children’s Games. You may also want to censor this one as there is some content (a woman “binding the devil”) later in the book that may be scary for younger students. Ages 8-11.

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