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Tintoretto Picture Study Aid and Art Prints

This 32-page Tintoretto Picture Study Aid (available in PDF or printed format) includes brief summaries of the early life of the Venetian Renaissance painter Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti – 1518-1594), including one from Charlotte Mason’s Parents’ Review magazine, a synopsis of seven of his works, printable or professionally-printed versions of the pieces covered, and a brief discussion about Charlotte Mason’s ideas and methods for implementing picture study at different ages.

Lives of Tintoretto

By Giorgio VASARI, Pietro ARETINO, Andrea CALMO, VERONICA Franco, and Carlo RIDOLFI

“Born Jacopo Comin, Tintoretto (ca. 1519–1594) was one of the great painters of the late Renaissance. This book presents the first biographies of Tintoretto, by Giorgio Vasari and Carlo Ridolfi, as well as accounts from individuals who knew the artist personally. This volume also includes a translation of the marginal notes El Greco wrote in his copy of Vasari’s Life of Tintoretto, which have never before been published.”

The Paint Box

By Maxine Trottier

“Marietta’s father, Jacopo Tintoretto, is a renowned and famous artist living in Venice during the Renaissance era. More than anything, Merietta wants to paint like her father. But Marietta is a girl–to work and study with her father she must disguise herself in boy’s clothing. Her hose and doublet allow her to accompany her father to the studios and galleries of Venice with the paint box her father has given her. When Marietta meets Piero, a young cabin boy, she is envious of everything he sees sailing the oceans–mountains, meadows and seas far from Venice. But Piero, sold into slavery to the ship’s captain, only dreams of staying at home and learning to paint. As the friendship between the two grows throughout the summer, they make plans that will allow Piero’s dreams to come to fruition. And when the time for Piero’s escape home arrives, Marietta’s special gift of her cherished paint box makes his trip extra special.” Ages 4-9.

The Rabbi and the Painter

By Shoshana Weiss

“Based on stories handed down from the past, The Rabbi and the Painter tells of the unique relationship between the 16th Century Rabbi Judah Areyeh di Modena and the Venetian painter Tintoretto. Modena’s interests extended far beyond the typical confines of the ghetto’s synagogue life to the secular world around him, while Tintoretto breaks all the artistic rules of the Renaissance with his mannerist painting style. In The Rabbi and the Painter we are transported to a place where cultures mixed to create a breathtaking masterpiece. Jennifer Kirkham’s colorful illustrations bring Renaissance Venice to life. At the same time, the expressive texture evokes those brush strokes of Tintoretto’s own masterpieces.” Ages 4-8.