2021-2022 AmblesideOnline Picture Study Print Files

Please note that I have been given AmblesideOnline’s permission to use their name in the title and body of this post as well as their permission to use their Artist Study rotation to make these files.

This is just about the time of year when homeschooling families begin making plans for the following school year, so today I wanted to let you know that the 2021-2022 AmblesideOnline Picture Study print files are now available for download!

Each free (and no strings attached!) PDF includes printable versions of the six paintings, chosen from the AmblesideOnline Artist Study rotation. This year includes two of my favorite artists: Jan van Eyck (whom my co-op studied earlier this school year) and Caspar David Friedrich, as well as Sandro Botticelli. For van Eyck and Botticelli, there are a few paintings that include nudity or violent subject matter, and there are alternative suggestions on the AmblesideOnline list which I have also included in those files.

Beneath each image is the title, artist name, and date it was painted as well as permission to print it at your local copy shop for personal use. You can find the files here or on the Picture Study Resources page:

Jan van Eyck

1390/95 – 1441
(Flemish – Early Netherlandish/Northern Renaissance)

Sandro Botticelli

ca. 1445 – 1510
(Florentine/Italian – Italian Renaissance)

Caspar David Friedrich

1774 – 1840
(German – Romanticism)

You can find all of the other free picture study print files and Picture Study Aids I offer here! I do also hope to release free Picture Study Aids for each of these artists as well later this year.

As always, I did try to find the highest resolution images I could on the internet, which sometimes proves to be problematic. It’s also a delicate balance of providing high-quality images while maintaining a relatively small file size. If you do have questions about printing the files, I have a few tips and suggestions here for how to print your picture studies at home, have them printed at an office supply store, or purchase prints from an online supplier if that would be helpful!

Feel free to download the files for use in your own homeschool!

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  1. Thank you sooo much for doing this early and for adding the more “modest” pictures. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂

  2. Laura Danner says:

    This is wonderful, thank you!! Will you be publishing aids to accompany these that we’ll be able to purchase, or not this year?

    1. I do hope to offer the free Picture Study Aids that I normally offer for the AO artists later this year. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much! This is a gift to our home school…and certainly takes off several hours off of my planning time!

    1. I’m so glad it’s helpful! 🙂

  4. Montse Romero says:

    You are awesome! God bless your work. Thank you!

  5. Thank you very much!
    You’re so generous and your work is really lovely!!!

    1. I’m happy to help! 🙂

  6. Lauren Bolin says:

    Thank you so much! This is amazing! Do you plan to offer these for purchase in printed (on paper) and shipped form? Excited for your Picture Study Aids on these too! What a gift! Thank you!

    1. You’re so welcome, Lauren. 🙂 At this time, I’m not able to offer print versions of the AmblesideOnline artist rotation selections as I’m respecting their copyright request that no products be made based on the work they’ve done (in this case, the artist rotation). The Picture Study Aids that I offer on the site that have prints with them are not based on the AmblesideOnline rotation.

  7. Thank you so much for offering these! What a gift! Do you know when you may have the prints available for the next school year (22-23)?

    1. I hope to have the print files ready sometime in the early part of next year. 🙂

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