Free Printable Homeschool Calendar for 2024-2025

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I’m excited to announce that the latest version of my free calendar is now available for download! This clean, minimalist monthly calendar is a great way for homeschool moms to plan out the homeschool year, assign tasks for older children, keep attendance records, write out the weekly schedules, and more! I have ours attached to a wall grid in our homeschool space, and I highlight days with different colors to keep track of when our terms begin and end, field trips, days off from school, feast days in the liturgical calendar, friend and family birthdays, and events with our local homeschool group. Best of all, it’s completely free!

To give you a little background on this particular download, during my son’s first-grade year, calendars were introduced in one of the lessons while we were making our way through RightStart Level B. Of course, he knew what a calendar was before then, but this was more thorough instruction as he memorized the months of the year, how many days were in each month, and learned how to find and read dates. I decided I should probably include a calendar somewhere in our school area so we could cross off school days and he could get used to the idea of using a calendar.

I wanted something simple, clear, and useful. Something it would be easy for him to cross off each day, and that was also fairly gender-neutral. I did a few searches on the internet for free printable homeschool planners that would include a calendar or even just a standalone free printable calendar, but I wasn’t able to find any that I liked among the various free resources. So, I decided to make my own and share it with other homeschool families!

This May 2024 to July 2025 printable calendar includes 15 calendar pages and is designed to be printed on 8.5×11—or approximately A4-sized paper, but I’m sure you could make it fit on other sizes. Before the beginning of the school year, I like to print mine on cardstock so I have all the months ready to go as they come.

Each calendar page features the name of the month and year in large, cursive letters and numbers, a small hand-drawn illustration that I tried to match to the season (for those in the northern hemisphere), the days of the week, and numbered squares. They do not include holidays, and the starting day of each week is Sunday. These are black and white and contain very little detail to save some ink and keep things simple.

You can print off a copy to hang up in your homeschool area, another one to put in your own planner, and one for each of your individual kids to use as a weekly planner or assignment sheet, or use it however is most helpful to you. You can even use it for events outside of your homeschool, like making a menu plan or keeping track of appointments. Feel free also to color it in if you’d like – my kids enjoy doing this each month!

At the end of the year, I make a copy of each month for both of my children and include it in their school archive 3-ring binder. This way we have a record of all the things we did that year, and it’s so helpful for future reference!

I try to have the newest calendar up every year by the end of May, and as it is one of my favorites of the free printables I have available, I do plan to offer it well into the future. Enter your email address in the form at the end of the post to get your copy of the free printable homeschool calendar!

(If the form isn’t loading for you, you can also sign up here.)

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  1. Jennifer Harkai says:

    Thank you so much! The calendar is beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I’m so glad you like it! 🙂

  2. Julia Tucker says:

    Thank you for making this resource for us! Any chance you could make calendar pages for the summer months (June and July) to help with summer planning?

    1. I just sent you an email, Julia, with a link to those calendars! 🙂

  3. Helena Orstem says:

    Thank you so much! The calendar is beautiful!

  4. I’m already a subscriber but can’t find the email with the link to download! Is there another way I can get it? Thank you so much for this. I used it all through last year and it made me smile every time I looked at it. 🙂

    1. I will send you the link!

  5. Hi Rebecca, I just found your site! I signed up for your newsletters, I hope I’m not too late for your free printable calendar, it is just what I have been looking for!! 🙂

    1. You’re not too late! You should’ve received an email when you signed up for the mailing list with a link to download the calendar, but I’ll also send another one just in case. 🙂

  6. Lindsay Hamby says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    Starting kindergarten with your curriculum today 🙂 Would love to incorporate this calendar into our morning time. I subscribed, but not seeing a download link in my inbox.

  7. I love this calendar! Will you make another one for the rest of 2020, and into the new year? Trying to plan my August, and realized the pages only go to July! Beautiful work, thank you!

    1. Yes! I do plan to make a new one in the coming weeks! 🙂

  8. A link (affiliate is fine!) to the tabletop easels??? I think this is what my life is missing!

  9. Thank you for making such a cute and practical calendar available! I must have deleted my email with the link after I read it the first time 🙁 and I think because I’m already a subscriber it didn’t send me an email when I put my info in. Could I trouble you to send it again? It would really help me out with the upcoming homeschool planning summer binge. Thank you <3

    Unrelated to that, I really appreciate the semester and year in review posts you do. Your kids are just a year ahead of mine
    in AO and they are so informative.

    1. I just sent you an email! 🙂

  10. Hello. I love printing your calendar every year, but I don’t see a link or a form to complete in order to get this time. Can you help with this


    1. Hi Vicky! It should be at the very end of the post, but if you don’t see it there, you can also sign up by clicking here.

  11. I have been looking forward to the 2023-24 release! Thank you for sharing these beautiful calendar printables!

  12. Hannah Posthuma says:

    Thank-you, love this calendar!

  13. Hannah Posthuma says:

    Love this calendar!

  14. I am trying to download the calendar. Thank you so much for offering this!

  15. Kimberley says:

    Thank you for making this available!

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