Reasons to Observe Advent (My Interview on the MAVEN Parent Podcast)

I was honored recently to sit down with Brett and Erin Kunkle of the MAVEN Parent Podcast to talk about the practice of Advent. Erin Kunkle was kind enough to mention my Advent Art Devotions in the podcast late last year and point some of you my way, and I reached out to her to say thank you! When she asked me if I’d like to come on their podcast this year to talk about Advent as a practice, I was thrilled! You can watch and listen to the entire recording below.

In the interview, I also mentioned our practice of the Jesse Tree. If you’re interested in either of these holiday traditions, I have a free printable with 28 days of Jesse Tree topics, as well as a sample of my Advent Art Devotions. Enter your email address below to get your copy!

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