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About two years ago, my friend Anna Vance and I joined forces and I made a few designs that she offered as covers for her Charlotte Mason homeschool planner as well as her companion planners later on. At the time, I had been using her planner for about five months and loved it, so I was very excited when she asked if I was interested in collaborating in that way.

Prior to that, I had been using a very basic online planner from which I just printed out each week and put in a three-ring binder thinking it was so much easier than paper. However, now that I’ve been using her planner for over two years, I can’t comprehend going back to the digital one. I can now say without any doubt that I MUCH prefer it to the online planner.

Not only is it a helpful way to plan our weeks and add a little beauty to my days, but it also includes so many additions that weren’t offered with the online planner. These are things like:

  • A questionnaire section for my kids to answer before the start of the new school year. We write down goals and more personal things here together and I love this as a way to start our school year.
  • Personalized attendance record sheets. These are a must for our umbrella school.
  • An overview calendar of the entire year plus the next two years. I use this to quickly figure out when we’ll take our Sabbath weeks, when terms need to start and end, when future school years will start and end, etc.
  • A section to keep track of how many lessons a certain book/guide has and how many we’ve done. This is particularly useful for our math curriculum so I know how far into the summer we will need to continue our lessons before we complete the book we’re currently in. It also helps me make sure we’re on track to finish a certain guide or book before the end of the term or year.
  • Monthly calendars. I keep track of nature group dates, birthdays, Sabbath weeks, holidays, etc. on these pages.
  • Weekly lesson plan pages, which are the heart of it all. These are actually better than the online planner I was using as they allow for multiple students.
  • Reading/book lists. I keep track of all of our books for the year here and which ones I may still need to buy.
  • Versatile checklists. These can be used to keep track of pretty much anything (I use them to keep track of our grammar and spelling lesson progress).
  • Trip planner. I use these to plan out field trips.
  • Recitation pages. This is where I plan and keep track of the pieces the kids will learn for Recitation for the year.
  • Countless other things that I don’t have enough room to mention here!

At the end of every month, she has also included a mother culture section where I can keep track of how I feel things are going in our homeschool, changes I want to make, and any other goals I have for my own mother culturing. There are also Charlotte Mason quotes scattered throughout the whole planner, which is a wonderful way to keep her educational philosophies fresh in my mind. I also love that everything is in one place. No more printing out a bunch of different things to try and keep track of everything. It’s all in one planner.

You can read more here (and watch a video) about how I lay out our weeks, but today I wanted to make an announcement that Anna and I are collaborating once again and you can now order any of my covers to be printed with your Anna Vance homeschool planner!

I have brought back all of the ones I offered the year we collaborated, added a few new ones, and updated all of the ones I’ve offered for several years now so that you can order either a customized or not customized version. To have one of these covers printed with your planner, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click on the planner you’d like to order at
  2. In the “Cover Choice” dropdown menu, scroll down to “Partner cover by:” (it’s near the bottom of the list) and select it. You should see a message that pops up that says, “You’ve selected a partner cover. To use their cover with an Anna Vance planner, you will need to purchase a cover directly from that partner then email [email protected] with the front cover of your choice.”
  3. Check the box that says “I understand.”
  4. Finish designing your planner and submit your order.

Once you’ve submitted your order to her, you can return to my site and pick one of my planner covers, make your selections (eg. customized vs. not customized), check that this is for an Anna Vance planner, and submit your order. If you choose a “Not Customized” cover, simply forward your email receipt to Anna and she’ll take care of the rest. If you choose a “Customized” cover, I will send you an email with a link to your finished cover and you can forward that to Anna.

If you have any questions about the process at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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  1. Wild Moon says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    Anna Vance Paper Co has beautiful homeschool planner designs! There are so many options! I would like to order one with the features you mentioned above! Wondering which one do you use…I love your blog? It’s so inspiring!

    1. I have the “I’ve gone with the flowers” version. 🙂

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