Custom Homeschool Planner Covers (new for 2024!)

The very first item I ever listed in my shop was a wreath with Charlotte Mason’s educational motto in it. That was back in August of 2017. About a year later, I had several more designs available, and I had been told by some of those who bought them that they were using them as covers for their homeschool planners, binders, and notebooks. I was honored!

At the time, I was deep in the throes of making Picture Study Aids and didn’t spend much time designing anymore, but I missed it. Graphic design is something I’ve always enjoyed doing, and for that reason, I decided I might expand on the quote and print designs a little. I began offering custom homeschool planner covers so my fellow homeschooling moms could personalize the designs.

Four years later, I teamed up with my dear friend Anna Vance and began offering custom planner cover designs that could be printed at home or with her beautiful Charlotte Mason homeschool planners(You can read more about that here.)

Two years ago, I offered a few new designs and decided that this was something I wanted to get into the habit of doing this every year. So today, I’m excited to announce that I am releasing four new ones this year in addition to the custom homeschool planner designs I already offer! As always, you can print these with your Anna Vance Paper Co planner or print them at home to use for your own planner covers (or to hang on the wall in your homeschool areas as others have done!).

As with last year’s offerings, I’ve also coordinated the new designs to match some of the Patreon printables I offered over the course of last year, so if you’d like to have matching blank calendars, habit trackers, bookmarks, and other printables to go with your planner cover, those are also available!

Autumn Wildflowers
(matches November 2023 Patreon Printables)
Spring Greenery
(matches June 2023 Patreon Printables)
Flowers and Books
(matches August 2023 Patreon Printables)
Magnolia Blossoms
(matches May 2023 Patreon Printables)

You can find all 19 designs in the custom homeschool planners section of my shop! I’m excited to see which design people like best (I definitely have my favorite ?)!

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