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Picture Study Prints for Groups - ahumbleplace.com

I have many reasons to be thankful for the homeschool co-op we were in for several years. I loved the other moms, I loved that my kids had other homeschooled kids their ages to be around and play with every other week, and I loved that we were all doing our learning together. It was a wonderful experience that I will always treasure.

Another one of the big reasons I am so thankful for those years in our co-op was the resources it introduced to me. Not only was I able to talk with the other moms, all of whom had kids older than mine, about what they were using for their own homeschools, but I could also see how some methods were better in our co-op than what I had been doing at home.

One of the biggest areas of improvement I adopted immediately was with our picture study prints. Before we joined the co-op, I printed our picture study prints at home, and while I wax poetic about my printer and the high-quality printing it produces, it couldn’t compete with the professionally-printed art we were getting for the co-op. I was immediately hooked, and there was no going back.

I also loved that every student (and mom!) in the co-op had their own set of prints, which meant that during our picture study time, there was no fighting or tugging or giggling, or any other distractions to get between each of the students and their piece of art.

I know it can be challenging to find high-quality prints for larger groups, and doing it on your own can be very time-consuming with the results varying a great deal. You have to find high-resolution images for your artist and then make special PDF or JPG files to submit to the printer, and sometimes the results are not what you expected. We actually had this problem in our own co-op one year when all of our prints turned out very dark, and we had to scramble to find another option.

Picture Study Prints for Groups - ahumbleplace.com

Because of my experience in the co-op and because I have gained some practical knowledge over the last few years of ordering professional art prints and making sure they turn out as expected, I am announcing that I am now offering group art print orders!

I generally try to keep a good amount of art prints in stock so you can place larger orders for groups directly through each product page. However, in the cases where I don’t have enough for your group in stock, you can submit a special order. Here is how it works:

  1. Go to the Picture Study Aids and Art Prints Special Order form and fill in your information.
  2. After I receive your information through the form, I will contact you with the total price of the order and any additional charges, such as sales tax (if you’re in Colorado) and shipping charges (orders over $75 have free shipping). All orders for art prints are at the discounted rate of $6.99 per set.
  3. Once you’ve confirmed that you’d like to order the prints, I will place the order with my printing company. Their turnaround time is usually 1-3 weeks, so be sure to order in advance of when you’ll need the prints.
  4. After I’ve received the prints from the printing company, I will send you an invoice for the order. I will hold the order for one week after I have sent the invoice.
  5. Once you have paid the invoice, I will pack the prints up for you, with each set in its own protective envelope, along with a list of the images and their title/size/medium/location information, and get it all shipped to you.

If you’re the art print organizer for your co-op or group, let me take the burden of ordering prints off your shoulders and make the process as seamless and easy as possible!

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  1. Diane Good says:

    We have ordered art prints for our school both semesters this year and they are wonderful! Thank you so much for offering this resource to groups as well as to individual families.

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